Network Security

network security specialist imageThe security of your IT systems is our highest priority. The provision of network security is not a one-time event but rather a continual process of preparation, testing, and improvement.

This is one area where complacency breeds vulnerability. Think of some recent high-profile hacking incidents:

  • Ebay hacked for information on 145 million accounts.
  • Target hacked for information on 70 million customers.
  • JP Morgan Chase hacked for information on 76 million accounts.
  • Sony Pictures hacked for 100 terrabytes of sensitive information.

The list goes on, and the latest phenomenon is a steady increase in ransomware, which encrypts drives and requires a wire transfer of money to an unknown recipient in order to hopefully receive the instructions to retrieve your lost data.

Vigilance is the price of a secure network. Our three-tiered approach – consisting of network security, backups and disaster recovery – guarantees business continuity in the face of these threats.



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Network Security

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