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home office computers imageTechnology and the internet have made it easier than ever for entrepreneurs and their employees to work from home.
Many successful businesses are now run without a dedicated brick and mortar location. Despite the freedom and cost reduction, home offices have some unique technical challenges. With over 10 years of experience in the Lakeland area, Secure Network Services understands what it takes to run a successful business in Central Florida. We provide a full array of services that will help you stay connected to your customers and colleagues while working from home.

The solutions that we provide for home offices include:

  • Virtual Office:  Whether you are connecting to a corporate network or working on your own, Secure Network Services will assist you with setting up your computer and the applications you need to work from home.  We can assist with everything from purchasing your hardware to installing and configuring your Windows, Office and Email.

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: Hurricanes happen, so every Florida business needs to establish an IT Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure that you will be able to resume your operations as quickly as possible without any loss of data. Secure Network Services will provide you with the backups and plans that you need to be prepared for any disaster. Click here to learn more.



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